These are the tests which are currently running:

1. How long does Google follow links on a noindex page?

2. Will Google send If-Match request headers and an ETag value?

3. Will Google send If-Modified-Since request headers and a Last-Modified date?

4. What tags in the head section will cause the head section to close and Google's parsing to fail?

5. How does Google handle inconsistent signals between fetched HTML and JavaScript rendered HTML?

6. How does Google handle various parameters?

7. How does Google handle multiple content tags?

8. Will Google discover a mobile alternate page via a reponse header links

This home page returns a mobile alernate link in the response headers.

If Google crawls it, and it shows up in mobile search, then Google does support it

9. Will Google noindex pages with a noindex tag in the body?

10. Will Google discover a new URL via a rel=next tag?

11. Will Google Crawl encoded and unencoded ULRs against encoded an unencoded robots.txt rules?